Two types of Love…

So I’ve had 2 love at first sight occurrences in my lifetime and both were before I turned 18 and therefore my memories and I can’t be tried in an adult court.

I don’t know if its easier to fall in love so blindly when you’re younger because of your age and naievete or because you just want to be in love. So now that I’m all grown up and married I have been reflecting on those 2 loves and how for all their wonderment and bliss they just could never be the ONE. Is that what made them so attractive? Knowing that I would never want to live with them or be around them and their baffling insecurities and annoying habits forever?

Remember the line in the song “what is love? Baby don’t hurt me?” yeah well doesn’t that just sum it all up? Or what about “I want you to want me? I need you to need me?”
So we grow up in life and in love and find (hopefully, eventually) a person who doesn’t always complete us, but ¬†complements and sometimes compliments us?

But what is love but a paper cup full of dreams eh? Now where the hell did that thought come from? Nowhere healthy that’s for sure. But I’ll give you this one for free, I am learning about being happy and content and knowing when I am on a good thing to just shut up and enjoy the ride. It’s a privilege and pleasure to be loved and something to cherish. So less whinging about the loads of washing and the poor stacking of dishwashers and more loving love back with a flourish and a cheeky grin!


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