When did I become Mrs Grumpy Pants?

Let me start by saying that in no way am I implying that I am married to Mr Grumpy Pants. You know how some people (weird ones) write letters addressed to Mr and Mrs (husbands first and last name). Well anyway it’s just me! I am grumpy! I am a whinging old cow who can feel myself being awful to others and yet finding myself powerless to stop it.

So here’s the question… Can you only be nice for so long? Well for me the answer is categorically yes! I get to the stage where being around people full stop just does my head in. My pet hates include pretty much any noise my husband makes, ill mannered children and people who repeat themselves constantly.

I hate knowing that I am stuck (up to my arm pits) in a rut and not being able to snap out of it. I annoy myself and then that annoys me even more.

I did at one stage in life carry the title Miss Happy Pants so where did it all go so wrong? When did the Winter of my discontent turn into the decade of the icey hearted maiden?

So well maybe I’ve always had a dark side, a slightly sinister snide side? Maybe my love of sarcasm took a wrong turn and I forgot to laugh at the end of my joke? Why am I suddenly thinking about John Farnham? This has nothing to do with him although Two Strong Hearts has always annoyed me and kind of rubbed me the wrong way.

This is probably where I should finish with something witty but I cant be… bothered. But instead I leave you with a warning… Yes I know my moods don’t make sense but unfortunately I don’t care. Deal with it or get out of my way, please!

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