Things I like about me…

Every  now and then I like to stop and reflect. Like a stocktake but without the sale and people queueing up for 70% off white goods. So some questions to ponder? How am I going? What’s working? What’s not? And… what do I like about myself?

Oooohhh such loaded questions (as I wrote that my mind immediately went off on a tangent about TGI Fridays loaded potato skins) . Okay, I’m back!

So can I be honest with myself? Right now as I sit in the kitchen listening to Quincy Jones with my book open on my lap I AM HAPPY!

Now that I have established that I am happy I should think that now would be an ideal time to make a brief list of things that I like about myself.

I like:
– my feet
– my eyes
– my laugh
– my ability to diffuse situations with dance
– my ear lobes
– my brain
– my taste buds

I’ll stop there before I completely fall in love with myself (not that it would be a bad thing but not sure that I’m ready for a long term commitment).

So having looked at the pros and cons of being me today I am leaning towards keeping on doing what I’m doing. It seems to be working.


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