Don’t Worry, Be Happy… Or not!

Happiness is… so damn fleeting! You find yourself caught in the most perfect of moments, for example:
– a child free sleep in
– a fruit bagel with jam and cream cheese
– a pair of shoes that both flatter your calves and are comfortable
– a perfect shuffle on your iPod
– sunshine coming through your window and hitting you gently in the face
– a card in the post that you weren’t expecting.

But then it’s gone, all gone and you find yourself 10 minutes late for a party, staring at Google Maps and wondering which direction west is?

And it is at this stage that I start to doubt myself and who I am and if there is anything good about me and why the heck did I bother washing my seam free undies and drying them on the back of a door just so that when (if I get to the party) I don’t embarrass myself with a visible panty line faux pa?

These are the things that can bring me undone. Not the screaming children at the shops (secure your belongings and get the hell out of there) nor the sleep depravation (self inflicted with late night coffee) but just the mundane. 

Are we all like this? Is it always the straw that broke the camels back? The mouse that sank the boat? Is it always the little things? 

I think for me it is. 

So… please feel free to run me over, steal my bag and spill a beer down my back. Just don’t let me lose my keys!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, Be Happy… Or not!

  1. For me it’s the little things as well, I’ll scream at the hose when it gets tangled or at the birds that shit on my car when I park it under the telegraph pole

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