Things I don’t have time for…

I am just so damn busy and so damn important that I just don’t have time for this. Well actually I’m not and I probably should make time for some things, just not the following things.
Number one thing that I don’t have time for anymore… Milk in my coffee. Started drinking short macs because anything that takes longer to drink than the accompanying Babycino’s will be wasted. And as a side note to all cafe owners (assuming that ALL cafe owners read my rants) DO NOT bring the kids drinks out before mine or too long after mine or it just doesn’t work.
Things I don’t have time for number two… hand washing and ironing. Given the choice of 5 minutes more sleep or ironing in the morning I will be sleeping. And hand washing? Pfft! I allocate myself 3 minutes in the shower before the kids lose the plot. I refuse to spend longer washing an item of clothing than myself.
Things I don’t have time for number three… Now this might be a bit too literal but I really don’t have time for clocks that are wrong. Not worth the paper they’re… well you get the picture.
Other things that I don’t have time for…
– getting sick (I could probably catch a cold around the long weekend if I had to have one)
– friends that you have you be nice to ALL the time (um, like hello)
– cooking a pie in the oven (40 minutes for lunch requires too much forward planning)
– collecting parcels from the post office (just because)
– AND… waiting in traffic at the train crossing near my house (not that I have a choice).
Now if I had millions of followers I’d now ask you what don’t you have time for but I don’t. 
And if I did I certainly wouldn’t have time to read them all.

2 thoughts on “Things I don’t have time for…

  1. I don’t have time to eat breakfast before I leave for work in the morning (if I get really hungry at work I eat some there). My motto has always been, “if you need to be ironed [speaking to my clothes], you can’t go on this ride [ride being, riding around on my body all day]”

    • So I just saw this but not because I was too busy just didn’t know how. I bought 2 woolen items on the weekend and am already feeling buyers remorse as I feel I am not responsible enough to look after them.
      It also makes absolutely no sense to me that the most important meal of the day occurs at a time when I have no time to eat.
      May the coffee and sour cherry Danish be with you I say 😉

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