Sleep? Forget about it!

So I seem to be losing my mind. Not in an early dementia way although there is a family history but more in just a way that my mind seems to be so full of things that I need to remember that I can no longer sleep or I’ve forgotten how to.
Seriously I lie awake and try to remember which side I like to sleep on. Left with right knee raised? On my right side with my legs out straight? On my front? Ouch, No! So it must be my back but then the internal debate starts.
“Really? I thought it was the left? What would you know? I know as much as you. And well look where that’s getting us”.
Sleep (like my memory)seems to conspire against me lately. I saw an article in a magazine recently about the benefits of brain training. I read the same paragraph 5 times and gave up.
I am possibly just forgetful or maybe it’s just the lack of sleep making me this way.
I make lists now. Lots of lists. I set alarms. I write on my hand and leave post it notes at work.
Or here’s another theory. Maybe im not losing things, maybe my handbag is just too big… an undiscovered Black Hole?
Things go in there and never come out. Keys, money, snacks and phones can hide mysteriously until I empty the bag and they reveal themselves.
Maybe I should worry about all this. Maybe I shouldn’t. I’ll decide and put  it on the list. Maybe I’m losing my mind or maybe it’s just hiding in my handbag.

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