Stop in the name of… Greg?

Stop signs?

Now let me start by assuming that when you see a STOP sign while driving that you don’t always come to a complete stop. Nothing wrong with that. Quiet street, clearly no oncoming traffic, slow down and keep going.

Having said that I did fail my driving test the first time for not stopping at a stop sign so maybe my lack of a complete stop is more an act of defiance against the man… Damn the man!

But I digress… Stop signs in general got me thinking about other times in our lives when we need stop signs. When we were kids adults would often tell us to stop playing, stop eating, stop sitting on your sisters head etc but once we grow up we have to learn to self regulate.

I mean I love the freedom of being able to have cake for breakfast and staying up late watching reruns of bad tv shows but sometimes it would be nice for someone to just make my decisions for me. But as you may or may not have noticed there seem to be more and more people who don’t know when to stop.

Too much of a good thing or just a lack of will power?

I’m not quite sure what I’m trying to say here, I mean obviously I don’t want someone telling me not to eat cake for breakfast but sometimes maybe we do need a stop sign in our lives.

This is going nowhere…
I should stop!


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