Things that make my heart melt… like ice cream.

So if you could imagine that your heart is made of ice cream and is being served up in a good quality waffle cone (not all waffle cones are equal people) what would make it melt?

Now let’s not get bogged down in the specifics of a heart ice cream and what flavour it would be okay. That would be weird. Don’t be weird right now.

I have lots of things that make my heart melt and none of them have anything to do with kittens being cute in a box. I don’t really like cats or animals. I’m just being honest. I wasn’t raised around animals. I like trees. Does that help? Nope? Okay.

Something my 4 year old said the other day made my heart melt. We were talking about monsters and I reminded him that monsters aren’t real. To which he replied “but if they were Fred from Scooby Doo would build a trap and catch them”.

Can’t really argue with logic like that. He fought fiction with fiction. He took an imaginary problem and fixed it with an imaginary character.

Sometimes it’s the simplicity of the thought that makes so much more sense than anything I could come up with that gets me.

Sometimes it’s the faith he puts in me and my eternal fountain of knowledge that floors me and sometimes it’s the way he fixes things that melts my heart.


2 thoughts on “Things that make my heart melt… like ice cream.

  1. That’s beautiful Kate. The faith our children place in us is enormous & is something I’d never want to lose sight of

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