Would you like a sticker with that?

So there seems to be a bit of discrepancy with the universe. I may not have been the first one to notice this but I feel the need to point it out anyway.

So here goes. When we are kids and we do something good, brave or out of the ordinary we get rewarded. Maybe with a sticker from the dentist, maybe a lollypop from the doctors and very occasionally a lollypop from a dentist looking for return business.

On Wednesday last week my four year was given a lolly snake from a saleslady at a book shop because he said please and was polite. And yes while this is a major miracle to be heralded with great fanfare and possibly a parade I was polite too and I got nothing.

On Thursday I had a needle inserted into my neck and was told to stay very still and not breathe by a very grumpy man and was very brave and do you know what I got? A $375 bill. Yep! No sticker, no lollypop, nothing!

All of this kind of got me thinking when you are under the age of 6 (ish) you get given things for being good, nice or kind to others but as adults if you want to get a prize you need to be nominated for a reward and be voted for by your peers etc.

Why do we feel the need to reward and praise every little thing that kids do but not often enough do we look a person in the eye and say thanks?

This week I am going to look people in the eye and say “Thank you”. I am going to show my gratitude and appreciation to people who make me feel special.

I do also have quite a good supply of stickers but I think I’ll keep them for the kids.



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