The salad of my discontent.


So you know when you order something and then it comes out differently than in your head… yeah that, I don’t like that.

Let me know tell you a story of which I am not proud. The story of the bad Caesar salad. Many years ago when I was stuck up to my armpits in a funk from which I needed medical assistance to be removed from I ordered a Caesar salad.

It was not a cheap Caesar salad and I felt that the establishment could be trusted to provide a salad consistent with the Caesar salad of my mind. 

So anyway it is with deep regret that I must inform you that I cried when the salad arrived with diced lettuce. Yep, I cried. Over a salad. Over lettuce.

I just wanted my 8-10 iceberg lettuce leaves preferably from the inside of the lettuce arranged nicely on the plate. 

That’s all I wanted. But it’s not what I got. I cried and DID NOT eat that salad. It was too much for me. It was just one more thing that was wrong.

(Now here is the bit where I tie this altogether with questions making me look wise.)

Was it just a case of one more thing that was wrong or was it one more case of my expectations not being met? Was it one more thing that I thought I knew but I didn’t? Was it me being let down but someone I had put my faith in? One more person I trusted failing me?

Or did I really just cry over lettuce?