The salad of my discontent.


So you know when you order something and then it comes out differently than in your head… yeah that, I don’t like that.

Let me know tell you a story of which I am not proud. The story of the bad Caesar salad. Many years ago when I was stuck up to my armpits in a funk from which I needed medical assistance to be removed from I ordered a Caesar salad.

It was not a cheap Caesar salad and I felt that the establishment could be trusted to provide a salad consistent with the Caesar salad of my mind. 

So anyway it is with deep regret that I must inform you that I cried when the salad arrived with diced lettuce. Yep, I cried. Over a salad. Over lettuce.

I just wanted my 8-10 iceberg lettuce leaves preferably from the inside of the lettuce arranged nicely on the plate. 

That’s all I wanted. But it’s not what I got. I cried and DID NOT eat that salad. It was too much for me. It was just one more thing that was wrong.

(Now here is the bit where I tie this altogether with questions making me look wise.)

Was it just a case of one more thing that was wrong or was it one more case of my expectations not being met? Was it one more thing that I thought I knew but I didn’t? Was it me being let down but someone I had put my faith in? One more person I trusted failing me?

Or did I really just cry over lettuce? 

3 thoughts on “The salad of my discontent.

  1. Well thanks for the love! Right back at ya! Read your post but my comment (much like the salad) didn’t hit the mark (aka deleted and I felt depleted). I read yours though and found it completely understandable.
    I have a theory that maybe we dislike paying for things that are good for us? Not sure. I think we might need to meet somewhere and discuss over a bowl of steamed greens 🙂

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