Bobble headed thingy.

What are those things called? You know on your dashboard and when you stop suddenly or turn a corner they keep going?

Yeah. Well I feel a bit like that at the moment. All going in one direction (I hate that my mind went elsewhere as I wrote those 2 words) and then suddenly you’ve been left behind or caught going the wrong way.

Kind of like you’re playing a game of freeze and the music stops and you don’t notice and keep on dancing as people stare. Well not exactly like that obviously. That would be sad.

I just, you know, feel like I’m on delay. Not entirely in a bad way but just a little slow on the uptake. I am seriously only getting jokes that I heard 3 days ago.

Maybe I’m getting old (insert protests that 33 is young here) or maybe I just need to take some fish oil.

So anyway please excuse me if I appear a little lost or vague, I’m just taking my time at the moment. Missing some friends and working hard with others.

In conclusion (because this is a Year 12 essay) if you see someone walking around looking as if they are a little out of sync please just treat me like I’m sleep walking and gently guide me back to where I should be without waking me up.