Chicken or Beef?

Do you ever get the feeling that life is a game of chance? Or choices? Or chocolate? (Insert various ch words here). You know, the whole butterfly flapping it’s wings in Woolloomooloo triggers a tomato sauce shortage in Finland?

(Have I mentioned my inability to remember sayings but my incredible ability at drawing long bows?)

So maybe it’s not the choices we make that matter but that ones that are made for us.
-The time we were born?
-Our families?
-The weather?
-The way we look?

I can’t change these things but maybe I can try a new foundation, change my name, invest in a stylish all weather trench and get some better lighting.

There are plenty of motivational quotes about accepting the things that you can’t change etc but what about secret longings or desires to be different?

So maybe I shouldn’t stress so incessantly about things I can’t control? Maybe I should go with the preordained flow? Maybe I should just accept the chicken OR maybe I should swap with the person next to me and get the beef?


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