When a compliment isn’t…

I was once told that I add to scent…(by a man 25 years older than me). Apparently I make perfume smell good. What does that mean? How strange!

(I have also been told that I am good at parallel parking. Which is totally true.)
So backhanded compliments eh? What’s up with those? You know like “you look so great for your age” or aka you’re quite old but don’t look it.
And what about my current favourite ¬†“I didn’t recognise you, you look fantastic” thus implying that when you used to look like yourself you looked no good.
I have another type of compliment that I once referred to as a green shoe compliment. I once gave someone a compliment and they looked me up and down before saying that they liked my shoes. This is the compliment you give to someone when you feel the need to say something nice in return for the compliment given to you.
People are strange eh? We all want to be liked but we don’t know how to accept our likedness. Do you say thanks, do you return the favour or do you smile politely while wondering if you’ve actually just been insulted?

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