The refreshing of my mind…

Have you ever had the feeling that your’e floating above yourself? Totally disconnected from the here and now? Lost but found at the same time?

Often these moments for me occur while listening to a song or boiling the kettle or in the shower. It’s almost as if your brain just has a little pause or hits the snooze button.

I get like this a bit where I find myself quoting U2 in my head “stuck in a moment” and I “can’t get out of it”. It’s sort of the personal overtired, hormonal, happy/angry equivalent of driving through an intersection and looking back in your rear vision mirror to see if the light was green.

What do normal people do? Do I even know any I could ask? I hope not! Maybe we all get lost/stuck/caught in a moment. Not always happy and sad but more just a screen saver moment.

Sometimes if it’s quite bad I find myself lifting my eye brows up and down as though refreshing a screen on an iPhone. Strange? Yes? No? Are you even paying attention? 


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