When the dog bites, when the bee stings…

When I’m feeling sad…

Sometimes I can’t remember my favourite things like the song tells me to. Sometimes I don’t want to. Sometimes I like being sad. Ha!

I don’t know. You know what I mean? I just don’t know. Maybe it’s hormonal? Maybe it’s a chick thing? Maybe I’m a little down? Maybe that’s okay? (Maybe I should consult a thesaurus?)

I have felt a bit not myself this week. I’ve been sick (haven’t we all?). Made a big decision and have been somewhat sleep deprived for a variety of reasons. I am not sure that I am sad, maybe I’m just not happy.

I have things I want to do that aren’t getting done. I have ideas that I can’t put into action. I am struggling to work out who I am.

I am over thinking. I do that. Let me tell you I do that a lot. Let me now over think my over thinking.

I need to finish this or I’ll ramble indefinitely. So a thought to sum up… Nope. Got nothing. Empty.

But it’s okay.


3 thoughts on “When the dog bites, when the bee stings…

  1. There is a certain sweetness about feeling sad. Sadness and sweetness can go together quite well. I like feeling sad. Or rather, I don’t dislike it – and certainly I like having a really good cry. I also don’t dislike melancholy. Actually I quite enjoy melancholy – it creates provoking thought and it’s just not unpleasant…

    We all have times in our lives when we question who we are and where we belong…

    Hope you’re okay love. You’ve got love and support – that’s for sure.

    • Well aren’t you just the best? I could not agree more or have said it better myself… seriously you said it better than me. Which is not making me sad! I’m good, life’s good, it’s all good. Just gotta ride out the wave of melancholy and get a decent nights sleep sometime soon. Mwa!

      • Yes darling, sleep always helps! And I may have borrowed that line, there is a certain sweetness in sadness – from my therapist 🙂
        OH OH OH I have a car now so visiting you will be infinately easier! Pick a date – and this one I will make for sure! xx

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