I very rarely lol.

Sometimes (and by sometimes I mean often) I get frustrated by the overuse of the term lol.

It is very rare that I lol. And even rarer that I lol because of a Facebook status. Especially one that is about household chores eg “I just cleaned the bathroom. My life is so exciting. Lol”. Not funny. Not making me laugh. And the fact that you think that’s funny makes me feel quite sorry for you.

Yes. That’s right. Sometimes when I see a lol that is unfunny I pity the writer of the lol and their sad little life.

Maybe I’m being a touch judgmental?

I know that some people put lol on the end of a status because it makes the status less serious and lets the reader know that you are attempting humour but if you didn’t lol then please don’t fake lol.

Now free of charge I am providing you with a community service. Rather than lol please consider the following suggestions.
-LQTM (laughing quietly to myself)
-GOTI (giggling on the inside).
-PDTIW (please don’t think I’m weird)
– EFWYT (everything’s funny when you’re tired)
and my personal favourite
-ILSIDC (I’m laughing so I don’t cry).


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