How do I get to the water polo?

Recently I went on a course where the presenter was talking about kids and how we need to stop telling them that they can do anything they want and be the best at everything.

They can’t.
I am the proof.

I am sooooo not good at lots of things.
I am not good at grammar (shocking considering that I’m a teacher), following a map (I still get left and right confused sometimes) and anything to do with coordination. And I really mean that last one.

I look at the Olympics and think “Wow. How do they do that?” and I’m talking about the people getting into the umpires chairs and presenting the medals. I would have fallen over for sure.

On my first day of High School I fell down and then tripped up the stairs outside the Year 12 locker room.

And it was only in my second season of playing basketball that I actually touched the ball. It was late it the first season that I stopped running away from it with my hands protecting my head.

I know that I will not compete at an international level when it comes to grammar, directions or anything athletic.

I am okay with that because I am good at other things.

I asked my 4 year old son if there was anything that he’s not good at. He thought about it and said “water polo”. Which considering he can’t swim is a very accurate answer.

Maybe he will go on to star at water polo. Maybe he won’t. Maybe he will be an astronaut. Probably not.

Its okay to have dreams and to follow those dreams to the ends of the earth… providing you can read a map well enough to get you home again.


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