When God closes a filing cabinet he opens a?

Righto. Let me fill you in.

I have this picture in my head from a movie where the character closes a filing cabinet drawer and another one pops open. But on a different filing cabinet and the character stretches themselves out trying to close all the crazy/funny/possessed drawers.

Do you know what I’m talking about? If you do know can you tell me please?

See this is my head right now. And in my brain there is me (wearing my black skinny jeans) stretching my limbs to close the drawers that keep springing open in my mind.

Last week I remembered to RSVP to 2 upcoming parties and was so proud of myself that I had a lie down.

Oh the things I accomplish on a daily basis!

So back to the drawers. I get through one thought and another 4 fill its place. Like a Venn diagram with me and my overflowing head in the middle. Or like one of those appalling hard to make flow chart slides in a PowerPoint presentation. (No? That’s just me?)

So anyway prepare to be bombarded with my thoughts as I unpack them (oh yeah, there’s a draw full of worries about moving house) and decide if they’re worth keeping or if I should just shred them.


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