Waiting room roulette?

Last night I spent a few hours in the local hospital emergency room with my 5 year old son who had fallen off our trampoline and landed on his head.

He’s fine. And has new Lego. And the trampoline has been moved. And hopefully my guilt will diminish slightly with each passing decade.


It struck me that hospital emergency departments bring out the best and worst in people.

I know this is a small case of pointing out the bleeding obvious but seriously the pain, stress, fatigue, hunger, thirst, loneliness was palpable and more than just a little bit pungent.

I was worried but I like to make jokes to deal with it. I was also carrying a 21kg child while praying that my pants wouldn’t fall any further down my butt.

There were people complaining about waiting. There was a lady talking very loudly on the phone to her mum telling her not to cry because it would make her cry. There was the old guy in his jocks in a wheel chair with a blanket who looked pleased when the girl who was stoned was stroking his arm. There was the lady with the baby who couldn’t speak English and then her mum came in and gave her noodles.

There was the doctor (who looked too young) that tried to make the 7 year old girl that broke her arm jumping on the couch smile. There were the 2 guys waiting with the girl who was lying on the bed in the kids room that kept trying to cheer her up with strange photos and quotes from the Internet. There were of course the nurses who were rushed off their feet and doing their best.

And there was a volunteer lady who came around and offered all the kids knitted bears to hug while they waited and take home to show their friends. Yep. There are people who volunteer to spend their time in hospital waiting rooms just looking after the people that are waiting.

Good people are everywhere.


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