Serenity now…

“God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference”
Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Neibuhr

Really what I would like to add to this is grant me the peace to not care so much in the first place.

Give my head a rest from worries.

I don’t want to just accept the things I can’t change I don’t want to know about them in the first place.

Ignorance is bliss… but caring is hard work.

I sometimes feel like my head is full of thinking about other people which can get quite tiring and makes me want to hide in a cave… (with a coffee machine of course).

I know that the best people think and care about others but I think that maybe they are born with an extra part of their brain that they are able to switch off like some sort of fire door.

I do not have this ability.

I worry about a lot of things. Most of which I can’t control which makes me worry more about my worrying.

So when I think about the Serenity Prayer I am concerned that maybe I’ve missed the point. But I won’t worry about that for now.


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