The ghost of Christmas arvo…

So I have previously mentioned how much I LOVE Christmas. As in adore! As in my heart melts with happiness thinking about Christmas.

And then it’s Christmas and by oh, about 10am, I’m starting to feel like it’s already over and I’ve missed it.

So is it the anticipation? Is it the joy of what’s to come or is it the realisation that the month long (2 month long at some stores) build up to love, joy and peace to all men will be over soon?

Is that why we eat so much at Christmas?

Trying to postpone every moment? Trying to make every year better than the last? Trying to fill ourselves up with goodness/pudding… whatever.

So it’s 11:03 on Christmas night and I feel flat. I was very well looked after in the gift receiving area. My kids were mostly well behaved considering the sugar/Santa/excitement/visitors rations allocated to them. I cooked a mostly delicious (potatoes slightly underdone) lunch.

And yet I spent the day wishing it could have been Christmas Eve again.

I love Christmas. I really do… but I’m not really sure why.


Mother Christmas…

So I love Christmas. I always have. I probably always will.

When I heard my first Christmas carol of the season I cried. A proper cry.

When I saw my first tree I smiled.

And when I ate my first mince tart I quickly checked the pack for the used by date and tried to work out how many packets I would go through by the end of February and what the hell was in them that made them last so long.

I love all of the Christmas traditions. The festiveness. The cheer. The singing. The dancing (to which I bring my own special flair… of course).

I can’t wait to see my kids faces on Christmas morning. I am dreading what time they will wake up but I know that there will be a chance for a nap in the afternoon. I am looking forward to cooking something… or just going to Maccas. Whatever’s easiest.

I am not going to be stressed. I am going to relax, overindulge and enjoy the people that mean the world to me. And I suggest that you do the same 🙂