Mother Christmas…

So I love Christmas. I always have. I probably always will.

When I heard my first Christmas carol of the season I cried. A proper cry.

When I saw my first tree I smiled.

And when I ate my first mince tart I quickly checked the pack for the used by date and tried to work out how many packets I would go through by the end of February and what the hell was in them that made them last so long.

I love all of the Christmas traditions. The festiveness. The cheer. The singing. The dancing (to which I bring my own special flair… of course).

I can’t wait to see my kids faces on Christmas morning. I am dreading what time they will wake up but I know that there will be a chance for a nap in the afternoon. I am looking forward to cooking something… or just going to Maccas. Whatever’s easiest.

I am not going to be stressed. I am going to relax, overindulge and enjoy the people that mean the world to me. And I suggest that you do the same 🙂


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