Good times people…

Good times. Bad times. How quickly they come and go.

One day you’re all this is a great coffee. I look hot in my new $8 dress. How good was that dinner I just made? You score the last Magnum ice cream from the freezer.

Then the next day you’re picking up your son from school for the first time while your 3 year old is in full blown tantrum mode and trying to bite you and you realize that your underwire has come out of your bra and is plainly visible to all the lovely parents who could have potentially been your friends but that you will now have to avoid for the next 7 years.

That’s how quickly the game can change people.

Be aware of the signs.

The weather.

Read your horoscope.

Live your potential because as I have clearly demonstrated the good times can end in less time than it would have taken to sew up that little hole in your bra.


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