When it is broken and you still can’t fix it?

How much should you care about someone else?

How much can you do?

My friend H got pregnant with my egg and her husbands sperm through IVF.

I was giddy with happiness for them.

And now she’s not.

And of course I know it’s not my fault and I know that I can’t do anything and that miscarriage is terribly common but I should be able to do something right?

How can you let your friends know that you care when it doesn’t help?

Or does it?

Is it the thought that counts?

(People who generally say that have usually just forgotten to buy someone else a birthday present or the milk.)

I am thinking of her so much.

A friend of mine said that I’m a high maintenance friend. That I expect a lot of my friends.

This is true.

But why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t we all care? Why shouldn’t we hurt for our friends when they’re hurting? Why can’t we tell our friends that we love them?

Why can’t we fix things that can’t be fixed?

Sorry for the questions.

I know the answers but it doesn’t help.

Thanks for listening though.

THAT’S what friends are for.


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