A happiness list.

Right. So. I seem to be coming across a little bit lost and sad in my recent posts. Which is probably a fair indicator of where my head is at right now.

But there are still things that make me happy. A lot of things. And strangely enough I seem to be enjoying these happy moments more.

Happy moments are brighter. Clearer. Funnier. Warmer. Lovelier.

So I decided to make a list. I know I’ve done this before. But I need to do it again.

These are some of the things that lift me out of my fog at the moment:

– Songs that make me happy. One of my faves is “You make me happy” by Claire Bowditch. I like this because its obvious and direct. I appreciate that.

– Songs that seem to understand my sad like “Details in the fabric” by Jason Mraz (featuring James Morrison). There is a line that says “hold your own, know your name and go your own way”. I like that.

– I like baths and showers at the moment. I can’t seem to get warm enough without them. I may not be myself but I’ve never been cleaner.

– I like my new brand of muesli. And it was on special this week so I bought 2 boxes and felt smug for hours.

– I love my new clock.

– I love my $8 jeans.

– I love reading 2 books at once. Even though its only because one is a bit too scary for me to read at night on my own but I’m really enjoying the fluffy romance one too.

– I am happy that there are people I can be myself with and that listen to me without judging me and provide me with some much needed perspective.

– I am thrilled that a man in a cafe practically begged me to sing “Benny and the Jets” loudly in public. (Practically begged being somewhat of an exaggeration but I did it anyway.)

– I like wearing my new beanie.

– I like my spotted pj’s.

– I am a recent convert to chilli hot chocolates for reasons that need to be tasted to believed.

And yeah. That’s probably enough for now. Those are the things that are bringing me joy.

Life is a bit like a fog and there are moments when the fog rolls in and it seems thick enough for planes to be diverted.

But there are times when the fog lifts and the things above as well as the love and craziness from my family make me laugh… out loud!


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