Cats, regrets, nipples etc

This post could go either way.

It could be all “look at me and how once I’ve made my mind up I just have to do it” or it could be about missing things that I’ve never had.

So… let me start with the thing about the cat.

I have suddenly been hit with the overwhelming urge to get a cat. I am NOT a cat person. I do not like cats. In fact they like me because I am so nonchalant around them.

But in my mind when I get a cat I will love it and it will love me and it will be wonderful.

So now that I have decided to get a cat I am missing the cat that I don’t have yet.

I wish it was here to keep me warm and cuddle me through my horrific cold and runny nose.

And see this got me thinking about other things that I’ve missed that I never actually had.

I miss my career as a famous actress and all the fabulous parties that I should have gone to wearing designer clothes and committing countless fashion crimes and flashing my nipples to the paparazzi. (Hang on, maybe not the last bit but we all know that’s all that I would be remembered for.)

I miss the fact that I never actually properly dated the man that I loved/adored/lusted after for most of my teenage years and therefore didn’t actually get closure… yes I’m looking at you Gavin Wanganeen.

I miss the me that I would be if I wasn’t this me (but usually just when I’m really tired).

I miss the coffees I didn’t have time to drink. The friends I didn’t visit. The sleep I didn’t have. The things I didn’t see. The things I didn’t learn.

You get the picture. YOU also know that regrets are equal parts stupid and pointless and have no place in my otherwise lovely life.

Which brings me back to the cat and my promise not to turn into a crazy cat lady posting Instagram pics and videos of its every move. Promises.

Promises are made to be broken right?


4 thoughts on “Cats, regrets, nipples etc

  1. Best of luck. I’m writing a poem about my lovers nipples and did a search for nipples! You never know what your going to get. Love it!

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