Animal instincts or not…

Last year I went to a Professional Development session on working with kids with additional needs.

The presenter told us that we should adopt a dog or cat persona when approaching children.

If you approach a child for the first time like a dog in a friendly, bouncing, excitable manner most kids will love it. Think of all those kids shows at the shopping centres.

But some kids need a cat like approach where you get close to the child but keep your back to them or look past them without looking at them. Ignoring them and giving them the chance to engage with you when they’re ready.

For most of my life I’ve been the dog. The one who bounces into the room ready to be friends with everyone all at once.

But now sometimes I like to be the cat.

Or maybe the goldfish out of water? Having eaten too much and forgetting where I am and how I got there.

Or the turtle in my shell? Happy to poke my head out and play when the mood takes me but also needing sometimes to hide from the world in my shell.

Or maybe the sloth? You know, just because.

Perhaps though we are all a menagerie.

My moods are like the zoo, at feeding time, during the school holidays. Chaotic and changing and evolving and revolving around the schedule of others.

(And the award for taking an obscure analogy too far goes to me.)

Although this post is more snail like in its need to go somewhere but not getting anywhere in a hurry.

This is me today. Tomorrow will be different and Tuesday will be another kettle of fish all together.

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