Fatigue, anxiety, overwhelmed or just too much of today?

Sometimes it comes in like a wave and sometimes like a brick to the head.

Here it comes now. Taking me over. If it lets me sleep I’ll be better in the morning when my responsibilities wake me up and demand breakfast and attention.

I have no idea why it’s coming again but it has taken away my appetite and called me fat and ugly.

It says I’m not good enough and that I never will be.

I can see it even though I’m in it.

How strange.

Like a mist rolling in that only comes up to my knees but strands me where I am like an island without the palm trees.

My head is in two places. Watching and being.

A craving.

Tell it to stop.

Ask it to be gentle.

*My 3 year old is up way past bedtime. My 5 year old has been waking up just after 5am. But it’s all good. Gotta find more little things to appreciate tomorrow though*


2 thoughts on “Fatigue, anxiety, overwhelmed or just too much of today?

  1. I thought when you placed a post I would get an email but didn’t for some reason so I thought I would quickly log to view your old posts that would put a smile on my face…….only to read this……..IS ITS EXACTLY HOW I AM FEELING TODAY – so accurate so scary x

    • Sending you a big hug and loads of love! Have you tried yoga yet? 😜 I kind of feel like I’m going crazy some days and that I’m overreacting and reading too much into things on others. What we feel is real to us though so take care. Mwa!!!

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