Taking the weather with me…

It’s been cold here today. Really cold. And now the sun is setting and I’m taking a few minutes to warm up and get ready for rush hour in our house.

The sky today was gray with rain and hail. The sky today was also blue with bold white clouds and a rainbow that was clearly visible from the Woolworths car park.

I am a little bit obsessed with clouds at the moment. (I wish more people would Instagram cloud pics. No, not really. Just people who are able to take good pics of clouds. Off on a tangent much?)

I also see quite a few sunrises and feel in a weird and slightly self absorbed way that they are a gift for me.

Pink, purple and orange hues sent to wake me up in awe.

Today I was driving home from work and started crying at something on the radio. Then people texted the radio station saying that they too were crying in the car.

In sadness we are not alone or unique.

My rainbow was also your rainbow.

My sunrises… well some of you are still asleep when they happen so they must just be for me.

We’re all different. We’re all the same.

Maybe I’m falling slowly.

Maybe it just feels slow because I’m over thinking everything… again.


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