Generation Friendship…

You know when someone you don’t really like gives you a lovely and heart warming compliment and then you think “hey, maybe I do like them”?

Yeah? Well this post isn’t about that.

But it is about friends. Friends across the ages. Young and Old.

I have a friend who is 12 years younger than me. When we hang out I use the words “hang out” a lot. Because we’re “hanging out” and “totes awesome”.

We also go and see Miley Cyrus intellectual films that challenge our views of the world and discuss politics other fun stuff like that over hot chocolates. She doesn’t like coffee.

I also have a friend who I have known all my life as a friend of my parents but who is lovely to me. We talk about black coffee, sport and attempt to out sarcasm each other as his family makes my family brunch.

One of my best friends is 12 years older than me. When I stay at her house she plays me music I’ve never heard of and we watch videos of bands from the 80’s at an offensive volume. We also eat cheese, jersey caramels and drink elderflower cordial. Yep. We know how to party.

And then this week at work an Albanian grandmother invited me to come over for coffee and cake. I can’t wait. This lady (I can’t keep calling her grandma… or can I?) is hilarious. She loves her grand kids and whinges about her husband.

I’ve performed elective lap band surgery on my friendship circle recently.

My head was getting too full. My heart needed nurturing. I have a smaller circle of close friends now but I still have my have my older and younger friends that share their thoughts, wisdom and kindness with me.

I’m incredibly lucky and blessed to be included in some pretty special people’s lives.

Age doesn’t matter. It’s how you use it that counts.

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