10 reasons that I’m not attracted to Justin Timberlake…

1. His hair. I could never be attracted to that hair.

2. Oh man.

Damn it.

He’s had a hair cut (in the past 10 years) and now…

I AM a teensy bit attracted to Justin Timberlake and yes, I know that the feeling isn’t mutual.

He is not my type. I never liked him in his boy band days. He’s too polished and sculpted and wears pants that are far too fitted and alternatively too loose for my liking.

However against all the odds my opinion of him has changed.

His opinion of me hasn’t.

There is no point in pursuing this train of thought.

(Train of thought. Ha. Did you just picture a train driving around my head and coming out my forehead?)

(No. Right. Never mind.)

Anyway… There is no point to this rambling but sometimes no point is better than too many points and pointy things can be dangerous and you could lose an eye and that may cause you to cry me a river and yep…

Never mind.


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