Uniquely me…

Im the only one of me that I know.

Let me explain…

There are other people with the same name as me.

There are other people who look like me (Christina Hendricks, Kim Kardashian and Brad Pitt to name a few… okay not Brad Pitt).

There are people I’m sure who also have 2 sons, work as a preschool teacher and enjoy their coffee.

There are probably people who get ridiculous hiccups like me and still occasionally make a child like slurping noise when they drink too quickly from a cup.

There are lots of other people who get so tired that they don’t know how to cope for a little while.

And there are some people out there who think its okay to have chocolate with popping candy for breakfast… but only when they’ve skipped breakfast and have an early appointment.

But as I said at the start I’m the only one of me that I know.

Which is probably a good thing right?


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