A Saturday in Spring…

I got a little bit sunburnt yesterday.

My shoulders aren’t too bad but my chest is pink. It was the first day of real sun I’ve been out in for a long time and my body is wearing it proudly. (Please note that I do not endorse any kind of tanning. Especially fake tanning… at home, with your socks on.)

I sat in the sun yesterday with 2 beautiful women. 1 who is a very close friend and 1 who I felt comfortable with immediately… possibly because of the saloon door in her bathroom.

I sat in the sun. Eating too much French toast with extra maple syrup, discussing tattoos.

And then because the waiter was eavesdropping we all got to look at some examples of the local tattoo artists work on his phone.

The blue bird did look very realistic.

Back to me though.

The weather was so good. The sky so blue that there was no need to wait for the washing machine to finish its business.

There would be time later for that.

We wandered back the way we came.

With me trying on the blue spotted vintage playsuit that I couldn’t justify even if I had liked the flappy bits on the side.

Stopping in at an amazing florist shop with a court yard that was dominated by a sleeping dog. Admiring the bonsai. Smelling the candles in the brown jars. Gazing at the peonies and the shower head flowers.

Saying goodbye to the girl with the spider bite crop circled hair which will fade but not without further comments from random Greek men.

Posing for photos against paper scarred walls.

Buying cakes and snot blocks for later.

Taking our time. Because it was ours to take.

And the sun got me along the way.

It’s not a painful burn. Just a touch of pink reminding me that I haven’t been outside that long in a while.

A memento (or keep sake if you wish) of 2 perfect hours that happened to me on a Saturday in Spring.

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