Eggshell heart…

I seem to be taking a lot of things personally at the moment.

If anyone says anything even remotely critical to me I feel like I’ve let them down. And let myself down. And let the universe down.

Have you noticed my tendency to overreact?

I have been feeling so good lately. Life’s gotten more manageable.

I’ve carved my life into bite size pieces and it’s like popcorn chicken for the soul.

I’ve managed without my afternoon nap for 3 days now which is a new record. I have maintained an almost steady level of cool, calm and collectedness.

I just can’t cope with people being unhappy with me.

I am working so damn hard at being happy with me that any cracks that I could usually smooth over now make me feel like I’m dancing the Zorba with tectonic plates.

Of course it is all in my head. People probably don’t even realise that I am taking their words/actions/non-actions to heart so much right now. It’s my fault not theirs.

It’s harder to be happy when you’re second guessing yourself off the metaphorical cliff.

Plato said “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”.

Be kind to yourself too.


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