The scone of life… (sung to the tune of The Cup of Life by Ricky Martin)

I was sitting in a cafe with a friend today and we noticed an older man sitting outside on his own.

His wife (?) was inside using the bathroom (possibly snorting cocaine… probably not) when his very large scone and coffee arrived.

The scone looked amazing. HUGE and fluffy. Perfection on a plate. Possibly not enough cream. Is there ever enough cream?

But now for the part that made us smile.

He just looked so pleased with his order. Other people were walking past and looking at the scone and smiling at him.

He smiled back.

Secure in the knowledge that he had ordered wisely.

He sat there looking at the scone.

He sipped his coffee.

Probably a cappuccino. Possibly a weak, skinny decaf cap. I’m not here to judge. (Of course I am but I’ll keep my quiet smirk to myself.)

He looked again at his scone.

And he waited for his wife to return.

And I smiled.

Maybe he didn’t know if he should put the jam or the cream first.

Maybe he had gotten it wrong in the past.

Maybe he just wanted to wait for his wife.

But he made me smile because there are lots of people enjoying simple things every day.

And I was one of them.


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