Private Universe…

I need to put this out there.

Sometimes I feel guilty that I don’t feel bad enough for other people going through hard times.

Terrible things keep happening. Things I know about because they’re on twitter, on the news and in the papers.

Horrible storms, fires and floods that seem to be getting worse because of climate change. That’s a real thing by the way.

And the atrocities that are caused by us. People. Against other people.

But I don’t know you or them.

Just as the births and deaths in my life don’t effect you.

Things that change my life forever don’t make the news and it seems strange when you’re grieving or celebrating that the world hasn’t stopped with you.

So I feel more than a little guilty that while thousands are having their lives altered permanently I’m worried that I might forget to buy milk.

I have days where I kind of make a choice that I just can’t worry about (insert issue here) today.

But then I also know that if we all didn’t care then nothing would ever change and nobody would get the help, love, support and money that they need.

So maybe we need to think small and big, local and global. And just do our best each day and hope that when it’s our turn for a disaster to hit that others will take the time to care for us too.

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