The Secret Life of Me.

It’s a wet summers day today.

It’s the last day of my holidays.

I have survived the holidays. I only ran away once. And only long enough to see the new Merryl Streep and Julia Roberts movie which was fairly intense.

My real life is going to start again soon.

I feel like I’ve been sitting through the previews of a movie though and the real thing is just about to begin.

The part of me is being played by me. I have the starring role. The supporting roles seem to be changing a bit. I have some wonderful new friends who have been written in to the script.

I have some glorious old friends whom the audience know and love from my previous films.

Hopefully this one has more of a Rom-Com feel about it than the drama that unfolded last year.

It will have Oscar buzz. I will wear vintage Chanel on the red carpet and my look will be described as bold but feminine.

When I win the award for best portrayal of me I will thank the make up artists for covering up my pimples and the bags under my eyes.

The soundtrack will be widely panned and available in the bargain bin at all bad music stores by March. My taste in music is not renowned.

(I’m good at dancing at though so the film clips will be gold.)


What am I going on about? Rambling for the sake of rambling.

You’re in your own movies. Stars in your own right.

Feel free to download mine though. You might just see yourself in the background.

Love is all around me…

Do you know the best thing about telling your friends that you love them?

Having them tell you back. And hug you hard. And tell you that they miss you. And having them want to spend time with you. And hopefully bring you cake.

Because in the words of Sally Field they like me. They really, really like me.

And at the risk of sounding vain I understand why they like me. I am quite likable and sarcastic enough to be humorous.

I have many interesting anecdotes about my children, I can be quite blunt at times and I’m chatty with strangers.

I would like me if I wasn’t me. Does that make sense?

But you see I know everything that is wrong with me. I see it everyday in the mirror and I hear it in the nights when I can’t sleep.

I know that when I see my friends I don’t see their size, shape, colour or gender. I just see them and their kindness and their love that I don’t take for granted.

And so for those who see me the same way I just wanted to say thanks.