Not hungry, sleeping.

I’ve had a rough couple of days.

I seem to have lost my appetite. With the exception of my Bircher muesli for breakfast I just don’t want to eat.

Which is making me tired. Or maybe the tired is taking away my appetite. Not sure.

I forced myself to walk around a market today. In the beautiful sunshine. I really wanted to want a donut but I didn’t.

I bought sushi for my family and then left it somewhere. Maybe in the bookshop. I’m so stupid.

The market was lovely. I bought 4 books and 2 jackets all for the bargain price of $30.

It was sunshiney and the hipsters were out in force. But they didn’t faze me with their beards and their big glasses and their floral headbands. *Please note the bearded ones weren’t wearing the headbands but I wouldn’t put it past them with their flippant disregard of irony.*

I know that exercise is the best thing when I’m feeling like this. Endorphins and vitamin D and fresh air and all that. It all seems a bit hard though. Finding my sports bra and managing to do it up properly seems like it should be an extreme sport.

Being in bed is easy. Sleeping is not but lying still and quiet and trying not to cry keeps me busy.

Anyways up and at em eh? There’s cake to be baked, children to be tickled and coffee to be inhaled.


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