All you need is love…

So my birthday was this week and now I’m officially older. Well another year older. Obviously I’m even older now than my birthday a few days ago. And now and yeah… you get it.

Anyway I know that birthdays are a time of love sharing etc but this year it meant a lot.

The Facebook messages, texts, phone calls, cards and gifts. I had beautiful friends telling me that they love me all day long.

How can you not appreciate that?

It’s strange because I know it’s easy to say words but sometimes it’s hard to believe them or accept them or understand that it’s a true sentiment coming from real friends.

So many people love me. And maybe because I say it so often to my friends they feel comfortable saying it back to me but wowsers if all you need is love then I am set.

I am loved. People love me. *Please note that I am writing this as a reminder to me.*

I’m going through another rough patch. I’m a little bit broken again. And no, gaff tape doesn’t fix everything.

It turns out that these feelings and behaviors may not be as short lived as I had hoped.

But I’m loved. And not by a big bunch of nobodies either. I’m loved by people who mean the world to me.

So I think it’s all going to be okay.

But feel free to insert giant hugs here.


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