Kan du tale Dansk?

So now for something slightly off topic. Topic? There was a topic? Well no there wasn’t but anyway…

15 years ago I lived in Denmark for 6 months.

I got a job as an au-pair and lived with a family in a house that was over 200 years old. I lived on the 3rd floor. My little attic room was so small that a standard bed couldn’t fit in. I slept curled in a ball. I still do.

It was such a strange time in my life. I was away from my family for the first time in a country half a world away. I think I found a part of myself over there. (Possibly the part of me that would use language like “found myself” and the part of me that should be mocked.)

I had no friends and didn’t speak the language. I had a great time but I was also very lonely. But often in a good way.

I got used to going to cafés on my own with a book and my discman. I went to movies on my own. I went to a concert on my own once and sat against the wall feeling self conscious of my aloneness but enjoying the music too.

My alone time now is coordinated around work and school drop offs etc.

When I lived in Denmark I would often catch the ferry over to Sweden for a coffee. Catching public transport on your own is normal and acceptable.

It’s okay to be going somewhere on your own. It’s a little weirder to be somewhere on your own when others aren’t.

But I’m weird. I value my alone. I just need to be more productive with it and enjoy it more.

And share it with others.

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