Happiness (not the Pharrell version)…

Here is a list of some of songs that I discovered that the preschool kids at work don’t like me singing…

– My heart will go on
– Working 9-5
– Piña Colada song

I mean yes, they were right. My singing was appalling. My song choice even more so.

It was a good day though. I had 21 kids in class today. We had birthday cake. And by we I mean that the soon to be 5 year old fed me cake in the awkward style of cheesy wedding cake photos.

I lay down on the snack mat outside today and performed from my very limited repertoire to my captive (captured) audience.

We had a talk about friendships and read a story about how sometimes you have to ask people if you can play with them. I need to remember that.

The children all started to turn feral and were unable to sit still half an hour before the end of class so I put some reggae music on and we danced a conga line around the class.

Which them turned into a freestyle dance session. Which was hilarious with all the parents laughing outside the window.

Lots of little happy moments today plus my own 2 kids telling me that they loved me with only limited Lego bribing involved mean that today was a really good day.

Happiness was never really that far away. I just had to go find it.

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