Here comes the sun…

There are certain spots in my house that catch the sun on its way down.

Sometimes it lands half way up the wall in the hallway as it comes through my boys open window.

Maybe I’ll find it sitting on the top of the couch in the lounge room surrounded by cat.

And at about 4pm it settles briefly on the end of my bed and I move my pillow to the other end of the bed and revel in it.

It doesn’t cost anything. This little moment of warmth and joy and life.

It just seeks me out and makes me feel whole for a little while.

My headspace is not clear at the moment. It’s not really up for having visitors.

The parking is terrible and the service is shocking.

I myself am avoiding it like the plague.

I feel like something is wrong and I don’t know what it is. I’m in a constant state of befuddlement.

Hopefully it passes soon and I’ll be able to relate to myself again.

But for now I’m stuck at the end of my bed imbibing some sun.


One thought on “Here comes the sun…

  1. Hang in there linamay. Whilst you may not be up for visitors know your friends love you just as you are. xxx

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