Three little words…

Last year I taught a beautiful little 4 year old girl who was partially deaf.

Her mother too is partially deaf. It turns out that it’s a heriditary auditory processing problem and had nothing to do with the lady who gave her mother the evil eye when she was pregnant. (But that’s a whole other story about mummy guilt.)

Her mum comes and talks to me about her daughter and how she’s going at school this year as I teach her younger daughter this year.

At the start of last year this little girl couldn’t speak. By the end of the year she was saying single words.

This year she started attending a school for the deaf where she learns to sign and speak in a small class with lots of support.

She can finally communicate properly with her family.

She loves all things pink and princessey and playing on the iPad.

And earlier this week for the first time she grabbed her mums face with both hands, turned her mums head and said loudly and clearly into her ear “I love you”.

Now imagine her mother telling me this. She held my face and said it in my ear. With tears streaming down her face. Her words spoken in her own hearing impaired way.

She hugged me hard. She said “it’s the first time she told me”. She was so proud and so excited and thrilled.

I didn’t understand everything that she said and I couldn’t possibly understand how she felt but I cried along with her. A huge grin on my face.

Happy Mother’s Day.


2 thoughts on “Three little words…

  1. U MOST WRITE LOTS IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN……………You have the most amazing gift at writing. EVERY single post you have written has made me think, cry, smile or laugh in some way.

    Honestly……you are amazing.


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