A good week…

-Fresh air.

-Big skies.

-Autumn leaves falling in time to the music on my iPod as I walk through the gardens.

-Double espressos.

-Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting.

-Finding my favourite DVD and watching it on my own in bed in my pjs.

-Love in all shapes and sizes.

-Awful days at work followed by the best day ever.

-Smiling so much that your cheeks hurt.

-All the washing done, folded and put away.

So many joys and accomplishments this week. So many reasons to be happy.

I’ve had a breakthrough week. I want to be well and happy and me again.

I cuddled up in bed with my 4 year old at the start of the week. He was playing a game on the iPhone. I was reading a book. And he knew how much I loved him. Somehow he knew. And I knew too.

Sometimes I find parenting so hard. Trying to placate the grumpy after school/preschool child without turning into an overly compliant slave.

Dinner, baths and bed on my own while my husband does online training in the spare room.

Fostering independence in my little men without allowing them to destroy the house.

Finding peace in the noise and strength in the things that I know I’m doing right.

Yep. A good week*.

*Except for that moment today when I accidentally said totes in a real life conversation with an adult.


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