Glad to be me…

It’s raining today.

I’ve made my breakfast and I’m back in bed.

My boys are debating the best way to kill zombies. I don’t understand them. They make me laugh.

Another good week for me makes me realise how lucky I am.

I’m ready to hear the good things now. I’m ready to go out again. I’m ready to be your friend if you still want me. I’m ready to laugh.


(You’ve been warned!)

Mental health is a strange thing. It goes up and down less like a yoyo and more like the pirate ship ride at Sea World.

It can make you feel ill and find you with your hands on your knees after the ride trying not to vomit.

The sun is hiding today but I don’t need it. I’m shining on the inside.

Oh goodness me (or insert something stronger there if you wish) I sound preachy and syrupy today. Pollyanna would be proud.

I’m going to find the things that make me glad today and look for rainbows and hug the trees and then I’m going to have a double espresso and slap myself across the face with a fish and wait for the real sarcastic grumpy me to come back.

I’ve missed her.


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