What the world needs now… (is probably not another list)

It’s time again for me to solve the problems of the world.

I like to do this on a semi regular basis as a massive favour to the rest of you.

I’m good like that.

So here’s my advice.

-Look for the good. It’s probably there. Somewhere. If you can’t find it you might be too close to it and need someone not involved and a little further back than you to see it for you.

-Don’t fake it til you make it. It’s not worth the effort. It’s not worth the burn out at the other end. If you’re not coping find one friend who’ll listen and not judge and tell them. Let them worry about you for a bit. Be loved even if you can’t love back. These things go in cycles, you’ll get your turn to do some loving.

-If one of your friends has gone quiet for a while find out why. Or just say hi. A lot. Until they say it back. Then start again.

-Tell your kids why you love them, not just that you do. Ask them why they love you. Ask your young children what love is. Ask them how they know. Ask them how big it is and why it’s so important. Smile on the inside and the outside when they answer because you make them feel that way.

-Some of the best conversations during my day happen with people I don’t know. Show a genuine interest in the people you meet. You never know when your 5 minute chat with someone might be the only chance they have to talk to someone during the day.

-Don’t put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Don’t walk a mile in their shoes. This is theft and should not be encouraged also you might get a fungal foot problem. Just saying.

-If you stop thinking about all the things you want you may be surprised by the little that you actually need. Go without for a while. Make do. Mend. Fix. Repair. Borrow. Share. But as mentioned previously don’t steal.

-Don’t judge. Or try not to judge. Or try not to consciously judge. And try not to pass your judgements onto others.

Is that enough? Are we all better now? I hope I don’t sound too self righteous.

The above messages are meant to be reminders to the me that might forget these things in the future from the me right now that understands the importance of compassion, kindness and patience.

(Sorry! It’s sometimes unavoidable to end with a badly worded sentence however hard you try to fix it.)

3 thoughts on “What the world needs now… (is probably not another list)

  1. I already feel like a better person just reading this – that was easier than I thought! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and wittiness (if that’s a word)! … and as a random side note: although I’ve been on a bit of a blog hibernation, I’m always looking forward to your posts (wordpress is nice enough to forward them to my e-mail account, perks of supplying them with all this personal data …) … just sayin’.

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