Space please…

Do you ever have those days where you just don’t want to be close to anyone else?

Where your personal space allocation needs to be increased to the size of a football field?

The idea of someone even brushing against you makes you flinch.

And then you go and work with a class of 4 year old children and you realise how freakishly tactile and touching they are.

I set up my laptop in the corner of the room in front of the heater.

I have never done this before so the children were drawn to me like moths to a fluorescent light in a camping ground toilet block.

One child crawled over my lap instead of going around me.

Another surreptitiously wiped their nose on me. (I am the human hankerchief which is probably also why I get an 80cent laundry allowance in my pay. Who said teachers don’t get the perks?)

I am usually okay with all these little displays of affection and reaching out for affirmation that I’m listening to their important conversations but not today.

Today when a child grabbed my face because I had the audacity to tell them to wait until I’d finished talking to another child I had a mini melt down and had to go and hide in the staff toilet.

(I had to emphasise that it was the staff toilet lest you accidentally think that I use the small toilets without doors that the children use.)

I hid there and gathered my thoughts.

Took a deep breath.

Read the poster on the door about the importance of praising the efforts of other staff members.

And then when I was ready I opened the door to face the world again.

Only to nearly trip over the 3 darlings who were waiting for me just outside the door.

No personal space for me today.

Just lots of love and kindness from some seriously wonderful children.

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