Super Freak(y)…

Have I mentioned before how I’m slightly obsessed with being someone else.

Some people watch the remake of Freaky Friday starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan and think “Ah, that was a crap movie, nowhere near as good as the original”.

But not me.

I think about it often. Obsessively (as I mentioned in my opening stanza).

I look at strangers and wonder what it would be like to be them.

What would it be like to be someone else for a day or a week or a little while?

Ultimately given the choice I think I’d hijack a highlight of someone elses.

Someone falling in love for the first time with those ridiculous butterflies and that smile on your face and kissing. All that kissing.

Or someone holding their child for the first time. Not the labour bit. Actually I might swap with a dad and see how that feels. Take the opportunity to see what it is like to see your partner go through all that and hold this tiny new person that you helped create.

Or kick the winning goal in the Grand Final.

Or have a day of being ridiculously rich and just shopping without thinking.

Or maybe I would do the opposite.

Maybe I could be a person on the streets doing it ridiculously hard and reminding me for the rest of my life to take nothing for granted.

Or maybe I could organise a group of people to take turns of being someone else who is grieving. Instead of bringing dinners to freeze we could all share the load a bit. Give them some respite from their despair.

I would love to have a go in someone else’s brain.

And body. But not like that. Maybe a little bit like that. It would be fun seeing which bit wobble in a a different body and how I felt about it. Whether I could convince the owner of the body that they are beautiful no matter what.

How fun would it be to be randomly kind to people? And reconcile with people and forgive for others. Do that awful hard stuff while being emotionally unattached.

What’s that? They’re not doing another remake of Freaky Friday based on me and my musings?

That’s okay. But maybe that’s what it’s like to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and see life through their eyes and forgive them their struggles.

The whole hitch is that in the movie 2 people had to want to swap lives at exactly the same time.

So who wants to be me for a day?


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