A rose by any other name…

Hello everyone. I had a good day today.

I’m a little tired though. My husband has started traveling a lot more for work. My children are exhausted and grumpy.

But neither of them cried when I won Uno. We played on the floor eating chips from a bowl.

I had coffee after kinder pick up today with one of my sons friends and his mum. She was perfect. She is gorgeous and said so many lovely things.

I shared my whole horrible year with her and she understood without pity.

She’s incredibly pretty in a hippy kind of way.

We sat and chatted for an hour which considering there were 2 four year olds involved was a minor miracle.

She had a latte in a mug. Some people like that kind of thing. I can work with that.

She said that next time she will invite us to her house and make coffee. That’s a nice offer. That means that she wants to hang out with me again. That there will be a next time.

A new friend.

But oh god, I’ve left it too late now to ask her name!

I can’t keep referring to her by referencing her child.

We shared some very lovely heartfelt thoughts today and I don’t know her name.

In my defense I have to learn a lot of names for work. I know all the names of the children I teach and their families and most of the names of the kids in the other groups that attend the centre. That’s over 100 names that I have to learn each year.

I asked my son what her name was but he said her name was “Ran” which sounds like something a small boy who just wants a very large biscuit would say.

I will track down her name and we will never speak of this issue. Except that’s not true. Because if there’s even a slight chance that I can make something good turn awkward I will do that.

Maybe I’ll just go through her mail when we go to her house…


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